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Pay as you Go

  • Pay as you Go is a pre-paid long distance calling that allows phone calls from your home, office or mobile phone with the best rates without using a pin as our system automatically recognizes phone number registered by the client.
  • This service is rechargeable and has no expiration date. It operates nationally within the USA and has a network of 5,000 physical points where you can recharge your account with cash, also have the option of recharging on this website with credit card / debit card or if you want you can make it through our automated systems and also to our Customer Service 1-866-965-5266
  • This service allows you to make calls to any destination, any type of phone, pay by the minute, with no additional fees or long-term contract.

Yo llamo Unlimited

  • Yo Llamo Unlimited Plan(s), purchased or used are done by electronic format contract.
  • Yo Llamo shall make available your agreement in electronic format upon request.
  • You may request access to these electronic records in either HTML or text formats. At all times, you retain the right to request and receive documents on paper upon request to Yo Llamo via e-mail. Yo Llamo Unlimited Plan(s) ("Plan"), allows the consumer to pay a flat fee to place an unlimited number of calls to any destination included in the Plan during the Plan time period.
  • Consumers can purchase a 30-day Plan. Unlimited Plan are available to existing customers/consumers who have a Yo Llamo Pinless Account. Toll free access also is not available with the Unlimited Plan. Local Access number(s) to call will be texted to the consumer's phone at the time of purchase. Note these local access numbers are exclusive to

Top Ups Services

  • The Top Up service, offers the customer the ability to add funds or airtime for cell phones of their family and loved ones in other countries. For example, Claro Phones in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador.
  • You can send a top up instantly to a mobile phone. It's Easy and Cost Effective.

Magic Number

  • The Magic Number service provides a call forwarding option for a customer to reach a number easily without having to go through the access number, then dialing the destination number.
  • With Magic Number, you now have the flexibility of having a virtual local number that travels with you wherever you go, making you accessible to clients, colleagues, family, and friends even when you are on the move.
  • When you sign up for a Magic Number, a local number is assigned to you when you travel you simply register a forwarding number with Magic Number on-line or over the phone. All calls to the local number will be forwarded to whatever number you have registered. The cost of the calls will be deducted from your account. We have Magic Numbers available in USA and customers should just call our Customer Service 1-866-965-5266 to ask for his/her number.